Upon meeting Russell Johnson, owner and founder of Russell Johnson Imports,one can’t help but be swept up by his whirlwind of boundless energy and creativity. He is truly inspired by what he does and his inspiration is contagious. One also comes to understand how a company so incredibly unique, and so dedicated to ‘cool’, could be dreamed up and made into a highly profitable, international success.

Russell launched Russell Johnson Imports in 1997 with an eclectic line of inspired vintage objects that were an instant hit among designers and home furnishing magazines alike. Catalogues and retail stores soon followed paving the way for an expansion of the company. Not one to follow the norm, Russell chose this time to add a whole new element to his business, the ArtThang, Inc. ‘spine-design’ clothing line (a joint venture with his sister, artist Cindy Bennett) . As unorthodox as this may seem, Art Thing was an inspired move that created a loyal following (including many Hollywood celebrities such as Ashley Judd and Kirsten Dunst) and solidified the brand and its logo - the red butterfly and the black scorpion.

2012 marks a banner year for Russell Johnson Imports because the company is expanding offering a wider range of cool and vintage items as well as a larger selection of clothing and accessories. But, knowing Russel, this growth is just the beginning of the diversity, creativity and scope he envisions for the future of his company.